13/05/2022 Test areas for phase 3 field-testing also delivered in Bilbao

The Bilbao City Council also has delivered to the two Consortia selected for Phase 3, HPC and TESECO, the areas identified in Bilbao for the field testing of two innovative prototype technologies for the decontamination of POSIDON soils, to be tested in parallel in Spain and in Italy.

“ERASE – ElectRode-Aided Soil rEmediation” technology by HPC is a flexible in situ modular platform with installation of electrodes for addressing various organic and inorganic pollutants and co-contamination, through the transport induced by the electric field in the soil while stimulating chemical and biological treatment actions by injection of chemicals and nutrients.

“Soil-Omic” process by TESECO is an innovative protocol that uses combined biological and chemical-physical processes, based on the integration of metagenomics and environmental engineering, and aimed at the decontamination of soils and groundwater from organic and inorganic pollutants. The “Soil-Omic” procedure is applied in situ through the operating technology of “Bioflushing”, an original technological system that purifies contaminated groundwater and establishes a circulation of specific biological and chemical-physical solutions in the subsoil aimed to the degradation of organic contaminants and removal of inorganic contaminants.



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