23/9/2022 POSIDON PCP at RemTech Europe 2022 “Challenges and research in remediation” Session!

POSIDON innovative in-situ solutions to the European decontamination challenge have been presented as case study for soil remediation in brownfields highly polluted by petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs and PAHs) and heavy metals (arsenic and lead), among the “Challenges and research in remediation” of Remtech Europe 2022, the International Conference and Exhibition on land and water remediation markets and technologies.

Sara Bedin (innovation procurement expert) introduced the POSIDON PCP, Martina Terconi focused on the technical challenge, while Teseco Bonifiche Consortium presented their “Soil-Omic” process operating with “Bioflushing” technology and HPC Italia Consortium their “ERASE – ElectRode-Aided Soil rEmediation” technology.



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