21-22/09/2023 POSIDON technologies are at RemTech!

“Soil-Omic” process operating with “Bioflushing” by Teseco Bonifiche and “ERASE – ElectRode-Aided Soil rEmediation” by HPC Italia, technologies developed in POSIDON PCP, have been presented at  Remtech Europe 2023, the International Conference and Exhibition on land and water remediation markets and technologies.


THURSDAY 21 SEPTEMBER – SESSION 23 – Nature based solutions

The soil-OMIC for soil and groundwater decontamination, an integrated chemical physical biological process supported by metabarcoding by next generation sequencing of soil bacterial communities. Simone Becarelli, Simona Di Gregorio (University of Pisa), Serena Doni (CNR-IRET), Carlos Garcia Izquierdo (CEBAS-CSIS), Alessandro Gentini (Teseco Bonifiche)


FRIDAY 22 SEPTEMBER – SESSION 33 – Soil remediation

LCA in the development of an in-situ innovative remediation technology: the case of ERASE – ElectRode-Aided Soil rEmediation. Gabriele Beretta, Elena Sezenna, Giovanni Dolci, Lucia Rigamonti, Sabrina Saponaro (Politecnico di Milano), Claudio Carnabuci, Daniele Vezzoli (HPC)


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