Trieste (exEZIT)

Surface: 144Ha
Dimensions: 200x200m
Coord. UGS84 UTM 33 | X: 291964,28 | Y: 4640618,73

Trieste Port Authority’s exEZIT brownfield is located in an industrial area of 144Ha south to
Trieste city, in Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy. The site constitutes an active industrial area located in
the alluvial plane of Ospo River south to Trieste City. From 1950´s to 80´s a clay transformation industry
operated, and after 1970-80 the site functioned as clay mining, furnaces and waste disposal. Present
industrial land uses.

Action Plan – Brownfield development: industrial redevelopment.

Bilbao (Zorrotzaurre)

Surface: 49Ha
Dimensions: 768x258m
Coord. UTM ETRS89 X:502692.383 | Y:4791606.094

Zorrotzaurre brownfield is located in the Basque Country region (Spain), and belongs partly to the
Municipality of Bilbao (Bizkaia County). It is a peninsula of a 49 Ha surface and constitutes a densely
industrialized area north to Bilbao. Industrial historical activities carried out in the site have been the
following: steel transformation, wood processing, shipping and machine constructions, etc. since
beginning of XX century. The property is very fragmented, with more than 300 different private and public
owners. Present industrial and residential land uses

Action Plan – Brownfield development: Urban Plan designed for a mixture of industrial, residential, public
and green areas.

Lisbon (Seixal)

Surface: 32Ha
Dimensions: 580x550m
Coord. PT-TM06/ETRS89 | X:-82423,90363 | Y:-114047,7535

Seixal brownfield is located the town of Paio Pires, Setubal, Lisbon (Portugal). The site is part of a 532 Ha former industrial complex of Siderurgia Nacional (steel-making plant). The property is composed by 7 private owners and 3 public owners. The area of interest has not a defined use at the present and a future industrial use is foresight.

Action Plan – Brownfield development: future Installation of lighter industrial activities and logistic
activities, attracting sustainable activities and private businesses to the site.

Vitoria-Gasteiz (Jundiz)

Surface: 23 Ha
Dimensions: 1.230 m x 220 m
Coord. UTM ETRS89 X: 520.281 | Y:4.742.461

Jundiz brownfield is located in the Basque Country (Spain) and belongs to the Municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava-Araba Province). Jundiz, although originally planned as green area, is degraded by uncontrolled fillings, dumping and abandonment. Formerly agricultural land it was used as a landfill during the 80´s and 90´s for dirt and excavation debris during the highway and industrial area development. In time, many heterogeneous illegal dumping has been deposited over this landfill (0,5 m average) including construction and demolition residues. Planned as a green area (public park) it remained abandoned until the last two years when some small phytoremediation projects (e.g. Interreg´s PhytoSUDOE project, have been initiated.

Action Plan – Brownfield development: restoration for green area (public park).

Liege (Horloz)

In Wallonia region there are many partially pollutes sites with similar characteristic (situated
in an extended residential area for renovation), most of them owned by SPAQUE. They are considered as
historical pollution resulting from disposal of waste from coal mining industries (forming the coal mining
slap) and residues from iron works.
Action Plan – Brownfield development: residential according to the urban planning.

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