POSIDON will drive the development of novel and advanced life-cycle cost-effective technological solutions for soil and groundwater remediation, through a joint Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP), carried out by a group of 5 public procurers, facing a common challenge in the sites they manage and leveraging public demand.

PCP is a competitive multiple-sourcing procedure for procuring applied research and technological development services. It involves different suppliers competing in parallel through different phases of development: solution design, prototype development, original development of (at least) 2 prototypes (per each bidder) to be field-tested in 2 diverse sites (Bilbao and Trieste), with different urbanistic provisions that foresee future land uses.

PCP workflow

PCP enables the public demand side to identify the best solutions to address the addressed specific innovation need, by enabling competition, risk-benefit sharing under market conditions and a clear separation with possible subsequent market stages.

PCP helps to improve the quality of public services through innovative solutions, increases the efficiency of R&D expenditures, reduces the supplier lock-in and speeds-up the time-to-market for firms.

POSIDON will follow the PCP principles, referring to i) cost-effectiveness of selected solutions; ii) openness, iii) transparency, iv) fair competition and v) non-discrimination and vi) respect to environmental and ethical considerations regarding suppliers, internal clients and stakeholders.

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