POSIDON project have planned the launch of its  Call for tender within the first week of January 2019. Details and documentation will be available in this section after the publication of the Call in the Official Journal of the European Union

On 08/05/2018 the prior information notice for the project POSIDON PCP has been published in the European Tenders Electronic Daily. The aim of this procurement is to trigger new solutions to be developed and tested to address the following common challenge.
The POSIDON pre-commercial procurement targets the soil decontamination, aimed to develop alternative soil (and eventually groundwater) remediation new, life-cycle, cost-effective technologies, preferred as in-situ (and eventually on-site), to be capable of decontaminate heterogeneous anthropic soils in brownfield, composed by a mixture of industrial waste (like filling soils highly polluted by Petroleum Hydrocarbons) and soils consisting on clays and sands, highly polluted by Petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs and PAHs), and heavy metals.
More details are available here

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