After two months of halt of activities due to the COVID19 global health emergency which hit Europe as well as the rest of the world, POSIDON PCP phase 2 could finally start.

The slow recovery of economic activities over recent weeks in all the European countries involved in the project enabled the 4 contractors selected at the end of March 2020, to set out prototype.

In the coming months, selected contractors will compete operations, developing in parallel 4 different solutions.

If you are a EU procurer interested in observing prototyping results and upcoming phase 3experimentations, then join the POSIDON Think Factory!

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27/03/2019: ATTENTION!

POSIDON partnership is receiving emails from unknown addresses asking for payments and at the bottom of the e-mail appears the logo of POSIDON project. POSIDON partnership wishes to inform all the project stakeholders that the project is completely unrelated to these requests. We invite all POSIDON PCP interested organization/enterprises/public procurers etc. to not consider and

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