Call for Interest

to identify polluted soil owners interested in innovative and cost-effective solutions for brownfields decontamination



The Call for Interest is addressed at public procurers, soil owners and management authorities involved in the procurement chain interested in new solutions for brownfield decontamination in an innovative and cost-effective way. The overall aim of the call is to create a dynamic and interested critical mass of soil decontamination solutions so to afford a common purchase in order to take advantage of public procurement and accelerate innovation in the decontamination sector.


“POSIDON PCP – POlluted SIte DecontaminatiON” has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N. 776838.

The POSIDON challenge is to address the lack of public demand driven innovation in the in soil decontamination sector in Europe, investing in research and development. Pre- commercial procurement (PCP) has the potential to be an effective demand side innovation action par excellence.

By facilitating transnational networking around specific technological needs, POSIDON offers an opportunity to interested procurers across EU to re-think and re-design their concrete investments and proceedings for the local brownfields decontamination and remediation plans for the coming years, leveraging their complementarity and creating a critical mass to acquire, during next years, new fit-for-purpose and cost effective innovations.

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Brownfield sites typically refers to abandoned or underused industrial and commercial properties—such as old process plants, mining sites, and landfills needing varying investment levels to overcome environmental pollution issues. Such sites represent a major environmental challenge, especially in developed countries that have seen the closing or abandonment of many industrial facilities in the past several decades.

The decontamination demand is very fragmented and the value of the procurement is often too modest for the technology providers to ensure an adequate return of the investment, preventing existing resourced to flow to new technological frontiers.

For this reason, POSIDON project wants to mobilize public and private purchasers and networks of cities in the field of soil decontamination, which are sharing the same challenge and needs as described in POSIDON Technical Prospectus


The Call for interest is addressed to public and private soil owners and procuring entities responsible for decontamination initiatives in EU Member States and interested to start or plan a joint pre-commercial public procurement process in a next future.

Type of information to be provided

The call for interest requires to owners of soils affected by serious case of contamination to describe the site, based on technical assessment already carried out, in order to identify common characteristics with the two pilots (Trieste, Bilbao).

In order to collect this information, the public authorities interested are invited to get in contact to the consortium in order to obtain the required information.

Previous innovation driven procurement experiences are not required, however, applicants will be asked to:

  • Appoint a primary contact person (with a good standard of English)
  • Be able to partially finance their participation to the activities (mainly in Trieste (Italy) and/or Bilbao (Spain))
  • Allow POSIDON project to disseminate the description of their candidate pilots and of their collaboration in the project.


* Pre‐commercial procurement (PCP) is the procurement of research and development of new innovative solutions before they are commercially available. PCP means the public procurement of research and development services where the contracting authority or contracting entity does not reserve all the results and benefits of the contract exclusively for itself for use in the conduct of its own affairs, but shares them with the providers under market conditions. The contract, the object of which falls within one or several categories of research and development defined in this framework, must be of limited duration and may include the development of prototypes or limited volumes of first products or services in the form of a test series. The purchase of commercial volumes of products or services must not be an object of the same contract.

** Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) occurs when public authorities act as a launch customer for innovative goods or services. These are typically not yet available on a large‐scale commercial basis and may include conformance testing. PPI can be used when challenges can be addressed by innovative solutions that are nearly or already in small quantity on the market and don't need new R&D.

PCP workflow

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