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Information on processing the personal data of users

of the website of the POSIDON Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project

(in accordance with article 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016)


Please carefully read our Privacy Policy that applies to anyone who wishes to browse the website managed by the Scientific and Technological Research Area of Trieste - Area Science Park, in its position as coordinator of the EUROPEAN H2020 PROJECT - POSIDON PRE-COMMERCIAL PROCUREMENT (PCP).

  1. Our Policy

This policy describes how we manage our website and we provide all the necessary information to understand how we process personal data relating to the users who consult it. This Policy is an information notice provided, pursuant to article 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (“General Data Protection Regulation”), to users who interact with the Area Science Park web services, which can be accessed from the webpage, corresponding to the home page of our website, or from internal pages. This information notice only applies for the website; it does not apply to any other online websites, pages or services that can be consulted by the user through hyperlinks.

Area Science Park respects the right of its users to be informed on the collection and other processing of their personal data. We apply the principle of strict necessity to the processing of data that could directly or indirectly identify you. This is why we set up our site in a way to reduce the use of your personal data to a minimum or leave it out when the purposes pursued in the individual cases can be achieved through the use of anonymous data or through other mechanisms that allow the data subject to only be identified if necessary (for example for the data relating to the data flows and the time spent on our website or the data relating to your IP Address).

  1. The Data Controller

The data controller is the Scientific and Technological Research Area of Trieste – Area Science Park, a national public research entity supervised by the Ministry of Universities and Research, with registered office in Padriciano, 99 - Trieste.

You can contact the Data Controller by writing to the address mentioned above or by sending an email to the following email addresses: – certified e-mail address (“PEC”) .

  1. Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer is the party, designated by Area Science Park, who you may contact for all the issues related to processing your personal data and for the exercise of the related rights as follows:

  • by mail, sending a communication to the address: Area Science Park – Padriciano, 99 – 34149 Trieste to the attention of the Data Protection Officer;
  • by email, sending an email to:
  1. The data we process

Following a visit to our website, data relating to identified or identifiable persons may be processed (users and third parties), collected automatically by the website, including via automated systems, or entered voluntarily by the data subjects and more specifically:


The IT systems and software procedures used to make our website work acquire, as part of normal operations, certain personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information, which is not collected in order to be associated with identified data subjects, could, by its very nature, make it possible to identify you through processing and association with data held by third parties. This category of data includes IP addresses or the domain names of computers that you use to connect to the website, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the requested resources, the time the request is made, the method used to submit the request to the server, the file size obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the response status from the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters related to your operating system and your computer environment.

The data are only used to obtain anonymous statistical information concerning the use of the website and to check the correct operation and are deleted immediately after processing. However, the data may also be used to ascertain responsibility in the event of computer crimes that harm the website.


To find out more, please refer to our Cookie Policy.



Apart from what was specified for the browsing data and technical cookies, users can provide their personal data for the purposes for which they connected to the website. However, in some cases, failure to provide the data may have consequences as described in more detail in point 7 of this policy.

The links to this policy are set out on the website pages in which the personal data are collected through specific forms.

Sensitive or legally protected data will not be processed on the website unless you have previously given your consent in the forms permitted by law. If our name indicates your nationality, we would like to specify that this information will not be considered sensitive since it is different from the data that literally indicate the racial or ethnic origin of the individual.

We will only use your data with your consent, and more especially your contact information for promotional and marketing purposes.

If you provide personal and contact data of a third party, this will represent processing of personal data for which you are acting as independent controllers, taking on all the obligations and responsibilities provided for under the privacy laws. In that sense, you will have to guarantee to Area Science Park that any information on third parties that you indicate was acquired by you in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 679/2016. You shall guarantee the broadest indemnity against any objection, claim or request for compensation for loss suffered from processing that should be submitted to Area Science Park from any third party due to your indication of his or her data in breach of the applicable rules on the protection of personal data.

In view of the above, we inform you that the website users can provide their data on a voluntary, explicit basis for the following purposes:

REGISTRATION FOR EVENTS: users are requested to provide their name, surname, email address and the name of the company or the organisation that they belong to so they can be identified in order to register for open market consultation events (Open Market Consultation) and communication and disclosure events on the results of the POSIDON Project.

FILLING OUT THE QUESTIONNAIRE RELATING TO RECOGNITION OF THE STATE OF THE ART OF TECHNOLOGY OF INTEREST FOR THE EUROPEAN POSIDON PROJECT: up to 30 September 2018, users - in their capacity as, or on behalf of, companies, research institutes, experts or other market players - can fill out the “Open Market Consultation” questionnaire devised to gather relevant information on the state of the art of the technology and obtain feedback on the technological and innovation challenges relating to the pre-commercial procurement procedure funded as part of the POSIDON project. Users are asked to provide their names, surnames, email addresses and the name of the company or organisation that they belong to, information on the commercial activities and/or research and development activities and the description of the technological solutions available on the market.

JOINING THE POSIDON BUYERS NETWORK: up to 30 June 2023, users who are interested in the activities and results of the POSIDON project, in their capacity as owners and/or managers of contaminated sites and/or in charge of decontamination projects in Europe, can express their interest in being added to a pan-European network of public buyers interested in investing, through the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) instruments in the R&S&I (industrial research, development and innovation) of new technological solutions in areas of common interest. The expression of interest to join the POSIDON BUYERS NETWORK will also mean that information can be received by email, newsletters and/or by the invitation and participation in meetings and workshops relating to the procurement instruments implemented and planned, the results of the on-site Phase 3 experimentation, the preparation of future coordinated or joint procurement initiatives. Users are asked to provide their names, surnames, email addresses, telephone numbers and the name of the institution/company or organisation they belong to, and technical information on the characterisation of the contaminated soils and decontamination actions taken.

SENDING COMMUNICATIONS OR CONTACT WITH AREA SCIENCE PARK: filling out the contact form or sending emails to the addresses indicated on this website will involve the acquisition of the sender’s address - necessary to respond to requests from the users - and any other personal data included in the message. Telephone calls or sending communications by fax to the numbers on the website will also mean that the data communicated by the caller or sender will be acquired. However, users are requested not to provide sensitive data relating to themselves or to third parties without having first provided their consent in the manner provided for by law.

The determination of the period to store the personal data reflects the principle of the necessity of the processing: the personal data will therefore be stored for the entire period needed to pursue the purpose for which they were provided.

Area Science Park may use your data to update and correct the information previously collected on your account. Please read paragraphs 5 and 6 below carefully for further information on the purposes and methods used to process the personal data.

  1. Purposes and Legal Basis for processing the personal data

In its capacity as the Data Controller of the personal data of the users of the website, Area Science Park makes the decisions regarding the purposes and means of processing, implementing adequate technical and organisational measures to ensure, and be capable of demonstrating, that the processing was carried out in accordance with prevailing laws, taking account of the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing, as well as the risks of varying likelihood and severity for the rights and freedoms of persons.

The personal data of the users that consult the Area Science Park website are processed in the performance of our public interest duties, or in any case connected to the exercise of public powers vested in us to pursue our official purposes, expressed in the Articles of Association of the Entity, that read that “Area Science Park encourages and promotes innovation, the development of scientific and technological research and the transfer of its results to the market, the development of the economic system based on scientific and technological research and on innovation, and supports the processes to create new innovative enterprises, taking account of the strategic goals established at national and European level and the guidelines of the supervising Ministry” and that “In particular, Area Science Park promotes and carries out pure and applied scientific and technological research, the transfer of knowledge and technology, the disclosure of innovation to the productive fabric, training and promotion in the industrial field; it promotes the development of its scientific and technological portfolio; it creates projects to develop the competitiveness of enterprises and territories based on innovation; it experiments, improves and circulates its operating methods; it promotes the improvement of services and infrastructures; it defines, plans and manages scientific and technological platforms; it establishes international relations, especially in neighbouring European regions and with developing countries; it works with local, regional, national and international institutions, and with private parties”.

The data that we asked you to enter onto the applicable forms on this website or to provide to get more information are processed especially for the specific purpose of carrying out the European Pre-Commercial Procurement POSIDON Project, in accordance with the provisions of the law and the Aticles of Association of Area Science Park which govern the realisation of projects to develop the competitiveness of enterprises and territories based on innovation in association with local, regional, national and international public institutions and with private parties.

  1. The data processors, how the data is processed and the recipients of the data collected

The processing operations connected to the website services are managed by previously authorised staff of Area Science Park only who have been trained on the means of processing and the purposes and technical personnel engaged to carry out website maintenance. Subject to the communication operations and disclosure carried out in accordance with legal obligations and orders by the authorities, the data will be disclosed to the project partners, i.e. the Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Orientale – Porto di Trieste (port authorities of the Eastern Adriatic, Port of Trieste), Ayuntamiento de Bilbao, Centro de Estudios Ambientales Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spaque S.A., Baja do Tejio S.A., Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Sara Bedin, Moragues and Scade Abogados S.A., Sociedad Publica Gestion Ambiental- IHOBE S.A. and the European Commission.

The personal data of the users are mainly processed in electronic format and in certain cases, also in paper format, and are stored for the time strictly necessary for the purpose for which they were collected and subsequently processed, and in any case, within the legal deadlines. Specific security measures are adopted to prevent data loss, unlawful or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

  1. What happens if you do not provide Area Science Park with your personal data

Apart from what was specified for the browsing data and certain technical cookies, you are free to provide your personal data to communicate with Area Science Park, but if you do not provide the data, you may not be able to obtain what you requested (registration for the event, joining the procurer network, information, etc.).

  1. Opt-in/Opt-out

Area Science Park may use your contact information, including email, to send direct informational, promotional or marketing material or other official communications. If these communications relate to similar services to those you already use, Area Science Park may even send them to your email address without your express consent on condition that you have not refused that use of the email address when you were giving consent or on subsequent occasions, while your express, free consent will be necessary to permit Area Science Park to send you emails relating to the other types of services than those you have already used.

In any case, please be informed that Area Science Park guarantees its users, at any time, and without the need to give reasons, the right, in future, not to receive communications linked to the use of specific services on request, as specified in paragraph 10 of this policy.

  1. Your rights

In your capacity as data subjects, you can enforce the following rights: access to the personal data, the rectification or erasure of the data, the limitation of the processing, the objection to the processing, the data portability (right applicable only to the data in electronic format), withdrawal of the consent in the cases in which its issue is required. A request can be sent to the Data Protection Officer at the following email address:  Area Science Park is required to provide a response within one month of the request, which can be extended to up to three months in the event of particularly complex requests.

  1. Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

If you believe that your personal data is processed in breach of the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Supervisory Authority or have recourse to the appropriate legal options.

  1. Applicable law

This Privacy Policy is governed by European laws and in particular by General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 that guarantees that the processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with the rights and fundamental liberties of people.

  1. Amendments and updates to the Privacy Policy

Area Science Park may amend or simply update, in whole or in part, this Privacy Policy, also in view of amendments to the laws that govern this issue and protect your rights. The changes and updates of the Privacy Policy will be binding as soon as they are published on the website in this section. Therefore please regularly access this section to check for publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy.

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